The Role of Psychology in the “New Normality”

Humans have experienced a drastic change in our routines in recent months. As a result, our behavior has rapidly changed, and in most cases, we may still be experiencing the consequences of this sudden shift in our mental health. Now is the best time to prevent and heal our mental health since, as we have seen throughout this article, it is closely connected to our physical well-being.

Nowadays, online therapy is more accessible than ever for anyone experiencing stress, anxiety, or other psychological disorders that arise in this “new reality.”

Fortunately, online therapy has also experienced growth and support from society in recent months due to its clear benefits in promoting psychological strength and well-being in a healthy manner.

Mental health professionals are trained to provide care through video call sessions, where it is possible to obtain all the benefits of in-person psychotherapy, albeit at a distance and through the Internet. The only fundamental difference is the mode of communication.

Our online psychology practice, Psicorencia, offers online therapy to patients of all kinds. We will be delighted to assist you in addressing anxiety related to confinement or any other form of psychological distress that may be affecting you, such as depression, relationship problems, low self-esteem, impulsivity, etc.

“Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.” – Siddhartha Gautama, Buddha

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